Eyebrows are in the spotlight more than ever and we aren’t surprised. Like hair cuts brows aren’t one size fits all. The right brow shape works wonders for the face emphasising the eyes and giving a more youthful appearance. With this in mind we are all on the search for the perfect brows! Look to Clara-Bella Brows & Beauty in Helston, Cornwall, for all your eyebrow needs. With waxing, tinting, threading, microblading and semi permanent make up all under one roof from a highly qualified professional. Claire is a fully trained eyebrow specialist and is recognised in the area for impeccable, high-quality brow treatments.

High-Definition Brows

High Definition Brows is a seven step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on shape and design. It involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing and threading, using specialist High Definition Brow products. 

At your 1st appointment Claire will be able to assess whether your hair follicles are still active and whether your desire look can be achieved with a High Definition regrowth program.


There are many reasons for brow hair loss, age, illness, over plucking, genetics or maybe your blessed with full brows but want your natural brows enhanced so you can look and feel your best everyday without the hassle of drawing them on.
Microblading is the most natural looking of the semi permanent brow procedures. Using a state of the art hand held tool Claire is able to create tiny hair like strokes to give you natural soft looking “straight out of bed” brows you have always dreamed of.

Powder Brow

Using a manual, handheld tool and semi-permanent pigment, Claire utilises a tapping technique to create a powder-shading effect. This look is perfect for people who love the heavier powder brow look.

Combination Brow

Combining the semi permanent hair stroke and shading techniques. Perfect for anyone who likes the natural look yet requires or would like more depth and definition. This technique can also be used to achieve a very natural Ombré effect leaving the brows soft and subtle at the bulb graduating to a dark defined tail.

Semi Permanent Makeup

Both Semi-Permanent Eyeliner and Semi-Permanent Lip Liner and Blush are also available at Clara Bella.

Your Consultation

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